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Hypertalk IntPolls

HyperTalk IntPolls

HyperTalk IntPolls is an easy-to-use voting tool for interactive presentations that allows the moderators to ask questions and get real-time feedback from audience.

Internet and/or Intranet connections supported with no addition costs. No special hardware and / or software required


  • Unlimited usage by creating as many polls as you want
  • Different types of questions: true-false answers, multi-choice options, open answer, etc.
  • Syncing with video projectors and/or TV screens
  • Collection of audience's email addresses
  • Suggestive real-time results by charts
  • Social media integration (Twitter, Facebook, Google +)
  • Customisation by adding the own logo

How It Works

Access Hypertalk IntPolls Corner

Step 1
Step 2

Setup an IntPoll session

By selecting the ADD menu you will have access to all the tolls required to create a new IntPolls session.
Fill out the session name field and then click on the Generate button to generate a session code.

Share the session code to the audiance

Share the session code to the audiance. To simplify the access, this code can also be typed from the keyboard.

Step 3
Step 4

Submit a question, get feedback and share results

Submit a question and wait for feedback from your audiance. After the time has expired, the options choosen by you audiance will be displayed on a graphic.

CaaS Advantages

  • Integration of IntPolls tools with beneficiary websites and portals, if necessary;
  • UI and functional customisation according to the client's requirements;
  • Simultaneous polls support;
  • 3D charts results;
  • Cost effectiveness guaranteed by Hypertalk Private Cloud.

White Label

As mentioned, we are glad to customise the HyperTalk IntPolls tools according to your graphics and functional requirements. A development team will be allocated for the personalisation tasks, from analysts and developers to QA engineers and devops specialists, as well as support guys, if necessary. Our mission is to make sure you are happy and your clients too. This means that we shall continuously provide a wide range of "after sales" services.

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