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Hypertalk WebMeeting


  • Multipoint HD video conferencing
  • Application and desktop sharing
  • Document and multimedia presentation sharing
  • Annotation tools
  • Compliant with: iCal, Google Calendar, Outlook...
  • IM features
  • Mobility: iOS, Android platforms

Why Web Meeting?

HyperTalk WebMeeting - simple, reliable and effective.

When you meet online, you remove many of the constraints that can make meetings a challenge — like getting everyone in the same place at the same time.

A solution for you

With Hypertalk Web Meeting, you can: Save time and money in travel; Easily collaborate with distant colleagues and clients; Eliminate the hassle of emailing files and following up by phone; Make your meetings more productive and successful.

How it works

Register on hypertalk.net

Create an account
Login with your account

Step 1
Step 2

Schedule a meeting and invite people

Enter meeting details
Start now or select a date and time, then type the duration
Schedule the meeting by clicking save
Invite people from your address book or invite new people to attend your meeting

Join Meeting

Join a meeting by accessing the link located in the invitation email

Step 3

Tailored solutions

You have now the possibility to design your own solution while we are able to customise the HyperTalk WebMeeting API according to your graphics and functional requirements. This way, you can opt for WebMeeting CaaS tools (Collaboration as a Service) integrated with your website but hosted by HyperTalk Cloud infrastructure or a completely new video collaboration system deployed by our technical team as an on-premises solution that runs properly onto your server(s).

Talk to an expert for details: +40 371 398 899

CaaS Advantages

  • Integration of Web Meeting tools with external websites and portals, as well as Intranet and VPN setup, if necessary;
  • Dedicated plug-in for CMS systems, Wordpress, Drupal, Redmine and project management tools;
  • Customization of native Android and iPad according to the customer's requirements;
  • Cost effectiveness guaranteed by Hypertalk Private Cloud.

White Label

As mentioned, we are glad to customise the HyperTalk WebMeeting tools according to your graphics and functional requirements. A development team will be allocated for the personalisation tasks, from analysts and developers to QA engineers and devops specialists, as well as support guys, if necessary. Our mission is to make sure you are happy and your clients too. This means that we shall continuously provide a wide range of "after sales" services.

See how it works! No registration required!

Self hosted solution or Cloud solution *** White Label Basic White label Standard White Label Premium
Set up and customisation fee 690 € 1290 € Contact us
Custom logo
Custom colours and fonts for the website, video tools and email notifications
Custom sub-domain (http://webinar.yourwebsite.net)
Custom signature for email notifications
Custom content for email notifications
Custom template for email notifications
Website integration
Branded mobile apps ( app name, colours, fonts and logo)
Mobile apps customisation (add/remove features)
Video tool customisation (add/remove features)
Platform as a service
Software as a service

*** Cloud services starting from 9.99 €

Talk to a specialist

Talk to an expert for details: +40 371 398 899

Start using HyperTalk for free

HyperTalk Web Meeting allows the end-users to schedule and conduct ad-hoc video meetings for free! Sign up now and see any other advantages by checking it. Already a subscriber? Login and use it with no limitations!

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No special hardware required, neither special software applications installed onto your PC or Mac, just a web cam and microphone, as well as a JavaScript-enabled web browser, then communicate and collaborate in a real time manner with your invited attendees.

Need more details or a custom plan? Check the section ‘how it works’ or directly talk to an expert.

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